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Simply Carolina: South Carolina’s Hidden Gems

Travel the road less traveled, go off the beaten path…we all know the quotes that tell us to travel away from the busy places. You know what? Those quotes are true. Sometimes the best travel and memories are made within the “hidden gems.” For today’s Simply Carolina, there is anything better than the hidden gems of South Carolina.

Walahalla – A mountain city, full of history.


Chattooga River – Hiking, whitewater rafting, and waterfalls? What more could you want?


Abingdon Manor in Latta – A bed and breakfast inn, complete with a Greek Revival Style.


Cooper’s Country Store in Salters – Shop for smoked hams, shotguns, and everything in between before hitting the road again.


Bluffton – This little city is home to charm, cafes, and cute shops.

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Simply Carolina: The Best of Winston – Salem

Recently, Southern Living magazine made a shout-out to my hometown, Winston-Salem, NC. The article, titled “10 Things You’re Missing If You Haven’t Been to Winston-Salem,” lists 10 things you are missing when you come to the Camel City.

As a native of Winston-Salem, I’ve decided to take the list and chose my top 5 favorite things. (And yes, this was very difficult to do.)

Classic Bakery – Dewey’s Bakery

Serious Chocolate – Black Mountain Chocolate

Vineyards and Wineries – Sanders Ridge, Raffaldini Vineyeards & Winery, and Childress Vineyards

Swank Historic Hotel – The Kimpton Cardinal

The Art House that R.J. Built – Reynolda House Museum of Art

Visit the original article at:



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Hollywood of the East Coast

It’s always fun to recognize the locations of scenes in movies, but it’s even more fun to recognize a place when you know it’s exact location.

North Carolina has been deemed as the “Hollywood of the East Coast” and due to it’s frequent films and television shows, the city of Wilmington is nicknamed “Wilmywood.” Movies, such as  “Dirty Dancing,” “The Hunger Games,” and many more have been filmed in the Old North State.

Let’s take a roadtrip to these 10 hotspots seen in famous motion pictures.

“Dirty Dancing” – Lake Lure 1. Dirty Dancing, Lake Lure

“The Hunger Games” – Henry River Mill Village and Triple Falls 3. Henry River Mill Village and Triple Falls, The Hunger Games

“Safe Haven,” “A Walk to Remember,” “Dawson’s Creek” – Town of Southport 4. Town of Southport

“Cold Mountain” – Haywood County 9. Haywood County, Cold Mountain


“A Walk to Remember” and “The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood” – Wilmington 10. Wilmington

“Forrest Gump” -Grandfather Mountain 11. Grandfather Mountain, Forrest Gump


“The Green Mile” – Blowing Rock 13. Blowing Rock, The Green Mile


“Talladega Nights” – Lake Norman 14. Lake Norman, Talladega Nights


“Patch Adams” – The Biltmore Estate and the Blue Ridge Parkway                           13. Patch Adams

“The Longest Ride” – Wake Forest University 

For more information and pictures courtesy of:

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Travel Dreams for 2016

dec 31

2015 was a year full of new adventures and several trips were made to new places. As I prepare my schedule for the 2016, there are many dreams I must include:

  • Travel to 5 new cities, towns, and places
  • Visit another country
  • Talk with a local in a new place
  • Try new food while on a trip
  • Make time each day for an adventure, whether it be in my city or another.

What is on your 2016 travel list?

Here’s to another new year of beautiful traveling!

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Happy Back to the Future Day!

back to the future

Today’s the day where Marty McFly arrives in the future! If I could time-travel, I would go back to some of my favorite periods of history, such as the 1800’s, 1940’s, and the 1950’s.

It’s good to reminisce about old times, but always remember to live in the moment!

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Insider’s Guide to Savannah, G.A.


Savannah, Georgia

The next stop in my roadtrip is Savannah. Here are the things to do, restaurants to eat, and tips to use while in the historic city.

Things to Do:

  1. City Market in the Historic District
  2. Tybee Island Light Station and Museum
  3. Riverboat Cruise or Dolphin Magic Tour
  4. Samantha Claar Gullah Living
  5. Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

Restaurants to Try:

  1. Tubby’s Seafood River Street
  2. Belford’s of Savannah
  3. Sandfly BBQ
  4. Savannah Theatre
  5. The Olde Pink House

Tips to Use: 

  1. Looking for a boat or ferry tour? Contact Savannah Belles Ferry for great deals and information. They’re contact information is on:
  2. Savannah’s peak seasons are spring and fall. Try going between November and the end of January during the low season.
  3. Look into the different festivals throughout the year that might interest you. The city is known for it’s St. Patrick’s Day fun. There is also the Savannah Music Festival and the Sidewalk Arts Festival.
  4. To save money on food, the Savannah Menu Card can be a huge help. These special deals range from free appetizer to discounts. For more information, visit:
  5. You can also save on hotels, by visiting:
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Insider’s Guide to Charleston, S.C. 

Charleston, South Carolina 

 One of my favorite places in the world is Charleston! There is nothing better than seeing the Palmetto trees swaying in the Atlantic breeze and reliving the city’s history. So, of course, the Holy City would be the first stop on my Southern Summer Roadtrip!

For each place, I’ll give you the things to do,  the restaurants to try, and the tips to use. Let’s go!

Things to Do:

  1. Rainbow Row
  2. Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens
  3. Carriage Rides
  4. Charleston City Market
  5. Fort Sumter

Restaurants to Try:

  1.  Poogan’s Porch
  2. The Rooftop
  3. Charleston Crabhouse
  4. Brown Dog Deli
  5. Fleet Landing

Tips to Use:

  1. Weekday rates for hotels are often cheaper than weekends. If your schedule allows, come to Charleston during the week. My past trip was a Tuesday-Thursday and I loved it! For all of the places I visited, there was little to no wait.
  2. Look for special packages if you plan on doing a carriage ride, tours of plantations or museums, or the South Carolina Aquarium.
  3. You don’t have to stay in the heart of the city. Check out a hotel on the outskirts or North Charleston. Lower hotel rates are always a favorite.
  4. Walk the city! Save on gas and a get a little exercise. Trust me, you’ll see a TON more if you get out of the car.
  5. Go to the Charleston City Market  FIRST thing in the morning, right after it opens. You’ll get first pick over all the vendors. Plus, the crowd’s still small, so there’s more room to shop.
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A Southern Summer Roadtrip

South August 14

Before another summer wraps up, there is still time for one more roadtrip. What better destination than the South?

My perfect Southern summer roadtrip would include these 10 places:

  1. Charleston, South Carolina
  2. Savannah, Georgia
  3. New Orleans, Louisiana
  4. Fort Worth, Texas
  5. Nashville, Tennessee
  6. Williamsburg, Virginia
  7. Boone, North Carolina
  8. Orlando, Florida
  9. Tupelo, Mississippi
  10. Louisville, Kentucky

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll introduce you to each spot and give you the insider tips.

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