The Mile High City

The history of Colorado’s capital, Denver, dates back to the American West. Today, the city is known for the arts, museums, and a long list of things to do, including the ones below.

Denver Zoo: An 80-acre zoo located in City Park of Denver and was founded in 1896. Today, it is home to many different types of wildlife. 

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Downtown Aquarium, Denver: A state of the art modern aquarium that is home to over 500 species and includes a restaurant and lounge. 

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Dinosaur Ridge: Just west of Denver, Dinosaur Ridge is part of the Dakota Hogback. It is also one of the world’s most famous dinosaur fossil locations. 

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Denver Mint: A branch of the United States Mint that first made coins in February 1, 1906. Today, the mint is still operating and producing coins for circulation. 

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Molly Brown House: A survivor of the Titanic, activist, and philanthropist,  Brown’s home has now been turned into a museum with artifacts of her life. 

Image result for molly brown house


Elitch Gardens: An amusement park in the heart of Denver, Elitch Gardens is known for it’s rides. 

Image result for elitch gardens


Fillmore Auditorium: Founded in 1907, the Fillmore Auditorium is a premiere concert venue for both, public and private, functions. 

Image result for fillmore auditorium denver


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