Winter Travel Tips

As we begin our holiday travels, it’s important to remember these important tips.

  1. Pack a winter travel safety kit for your car. Inside the kit include: a cell phone, ice scraper and brush, tow rope, cat litter for traction, blankets, flashlight, candle, matches, and a portable weather radio.
  2.  Slow down, especially in snowy conditions. Just because the speed limit is 70 doesn’t mean you have to go 70 mph in bad weather.
  3. If you are traveling by plane or train, plan ahead and get there early. During the holidays, airports and train stations are two of the busiest places and you need to allot more time than planned.
  4. Make frequent rest stops. Get out and stretch to improve your alertness during the winter hours.
  5. Know your route and keep track of weather conditions. Do your research before heading out the door. Trust me, it will save you lots of time and trouble.
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