Walt Disney World…Uncovered


It’s the most magical place on earth! Planning a trip to Walt Disney World can be fun and hectic. Just a simple google search can get your head spinning with all the articles on tips and tricks. To save you some time, I condensed the lists and came up with my top 10 tips for traveling to Walt Disney World.

  1. Buy t-shirts and pins before you go- You’ll save tons of money and still have souvenirs. Shop online (Amazon or Ebay) for pins and shirts. Target or the Disney Store are great places to go.
  2. Watch the food prices- Have breakfast at the hotel before starting your day. Don’t be afraid to pack and bring food, for meals and snacks, along with you.
  3. Look for Hidden Mickeys- Little known fact that many people don’t know is that there are hidden Mickey Mouses throughout the parks. These Mickey Mouses are Mickey Mouse heads hidden in buildings, chairs….pretty much anywhere they shouldn’t be. Apps are also available for your phone to make the search a little easier.
  4. Travel off season- Go to Orlando during January, September, October, and between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s the most crowded right at Thanksgiving and Christmas, so consider going between the two holidays, as well as, the months listed above.
  5. Don’t try to see everything- This is almost impossible and you will spend your time rushing from place to place. Prioritize what you want to see the most and stick with that list.
  6. Stay on property- Choose a hotel on the Disney property and make reservations early. Also, you’ll get free transportation to the parks.
  7. Use the FastPass+ – The FastPass+ saves time and money (you can thank me later). This way you can make reservations for characters, attractions, and more.
  8. Bring your own stroller- If you have young children, definitely bring your own stroller. Renting one can add up unnecessary expenses.
  9. Start early and stay late- Arrive at the parks when they open and stay until they close. You can sleep later when you aren’t enjoying your vacation.
  10. Freeze water bottles the night before- Bring a reusable water bottle and refill it at the end of each day. Then, freeze the bottle in your hotel room’s fridge.  Saves money and time, standing in lines for drinks.
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