10 Best Travel Apps

Now a days, everything is on your mobile phone, making things easy and convenient. So, why not make planning a trip just as simple? Here are my 10 favorite travel apps that take the hassle out of planning and are a huge help for trips during the holiday season!

  1. Kayak- This app allows you to find and compare deals for hotels, airports, and more.
  2. Seat Guru- Check out this app before booking your flight. Seat Guru allows you to choose the best seats on the plane.
  3. TripAdvisor- A great way to see all of a city’s top attractions and must-sees. There are also reviews available for each destination.
  4. Yelp- When I’m hungry, this is my go-to app. Perfect if you are looking for a restaurant or food ideas.
  5. OpenTable- Eating in a busy city or popular travel destination? Use OpenTable to make reservations beforehand.
  6. TripIt- This app organizes ALL of your trip information for you. Trust me, it’s a must-have.
  7. Panoramio- You can look up all the pictures of your current destination with this one.
  8. Sun Seeker Lite- Know the exact times for sunrises and sunsets when traveling.
  9. Relax Melodies- Sometimes sleeping in hotels can be noisy. This app helps eliminate some of those awkward sounds.
  10. Gate Guru- Quickly check the food and shopping options near your airport gates between layovers. Great to pass time during those long wait.

All of these apps are free and available for download.

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