We’ve Got A Winner: Travel Games for the Road

As much as I love a good car trip, sometimes it can be a little boring. To help ease the time, here are five games to play the next time you hit the road.

  1. 20 Questions: Think of an object, animal, or person. Each person has only 20 questions to guess the answers. The person who thought of the item can only answer with a yes or no.
  2. License Plates: Keep a tally of all the license plates you pass on the road. The person who sees the plate with the longest distance wins. Another way to play is to see if you can find cars from all 50 states.
  3. I Spy: There is nothing better than a classic game of I Spy on the road.
  4. Mad Libs: This game is hilariously fun to play. Mad Libs can be purchased at Target, Walmart, or any drugstore,
  5. Road Sign Scavenger Hunt: See if you can find the traditional road signs, such as stop, speed limit, and more!
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