Insider’s Guide to New Orleans, L.A.


New Orleans, Louisiana 

Ah-New Orleans, another favorite of mine! From rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina (10 years ago this week) to the city’s full history, New Orleans is stronger than ever and a great spot for a vacation.

Things to Do:

  1. French Quarter
  2. Jackson Square
  3. St. Louis Cathedral
  4. New Orleans Museum of Art
  5. Aquarium of the Americas

Restaurants to Try:

  1. Eat New Orleans
  2. GW Fins
  3. Meals from The Heart Cafe
  4. The Joint
  5. Muriel’s Jackson Square

Tips to Use:

  1. As with any big city, be careful as to the amount of cash you carry around. You don’t want to flash a big roll of money-anywhere. I recommend using a debit card.
  2. Avoid Bourbon Street hotels. Bourbon Street is in the heart of downtown NOLA and with that comes all the late night noise.
  3. Be careful at night (similar to the amount of cash). Unfortunately, this city is known for it’s high crime rate.
  4. Don’t stay in the French Quarter, because, as charming as the hotels might be, they are very expensive.
  5. Look at the weather before you go, but pack for anything. You are WAY down South, which means high temperatures and humidity.
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